Sparkle Icon Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more

Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more

The Modern Business Phone System To Enhance
  • Growth
  • Support
  • Sales

Deliver exceptional customer service and handle successful sales calls through the power of our VoIP cloud business phone system or our versatile call center software solution.

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The VoIP Phone System trusted by 15,000+ customers worldwide:

for Sales Teams

A New Way to Perform Sales Calls

Detailed Sales Calls
Add valuable notes & tags to sales calls during your negotiations.
Call Recording
Avoid losing valuable data by having your sales calls recorded.
Automated Caller ID
Boost connection ratio with a local presence ID.
Performance & Reports
Get insights on your sales team performance with Call Analytics.
"Integrates with many tools we use for our sales and support functions."
David Banaghan
Head of Sales, Occupop

For Customer SErvice Teams

Redesign Your Customer Service


Collect information from inbound calls and set up automation workflows to streamline the support process.

Track every call query, review call logs, and view which agents are interacting with which customers.

"NUACOM allows us monitor our phone calls, we know when there are peak times on phone calls, when we need more staff..."
Business phone system Nederland
Stephen Walker
Managing Director, Autokey Automotive
Simplified Actions
Look up all information about your callers with a click.
Quicker Resolution
Connect customers to the most appropriate team, automatically.
Integrate your ticketing system and track your phone activities.
Check KPIs using our Advanced Reporting Tool.

A Cloud Phone System that integrates with 100+ Business Apps:

BUSINESS Phone System

User-Friendly Business Phone System

Call Flow
Design your ideal call flows to automate your team’s operations.
Always Connected
Set auto-forward to mobile when you are away from your desk.
Live Calls Wallboard
View your live calls, staff status and performance during the day.
Call Analytics
Find out peak time, call volume and run your own reports.
"NUACOM have been a great choice for us in relation to our business phone system and communication provision, as we only use state of the art technology."
Business phone system Nederland
Michael O’Connell
Managing Director, House of Finance
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