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How Motor Dealerships would benefit from Cloud Technology

All motor dealerships in Ireland have a common goal: delivering excellence in Customer Service. Communication plays an important role to achieve that goal. That being said, let’s take the most important channel of communication in this industry to date, the telephone. The Digital Era changed the way businesses are handling calls, especially with Cloud Technology. In this article, we are going to cover how a Motor Dealership can improve sales, service and management by adopting Cloud Technology for better communication.

Car Dealer Systems

Technology in the Automotive Industry:

Cloud Technology is the modern way for a system to store data remotely, access it over the internet and integrate it with other applications. If you work in a dealership, it allows you to improve your call flow, sales performance, and customer service interaction over the phone. Cloud Phone Systems can increase such performance by integrating the telephony data with other business systems a motor dealer may use, such as CRM, Email Marketing and Advertising Platforms.

Tools for Automation:

A Call Group is an excellent way for a business to share and distribute calls among its staff. These call groups can be used to transfer the customer to the right department such as Sales. Servicing, Aftercare and Admin. Some features & benefits include:
  • Have all extensions in a group ring simultaneously for better time response to your callers. This is mainly used by Sales Teams where calls are synonymous with opportunities and cannot be missed.
  • Use a linear strategy with a timeout between staff. Instead of leaving the caller holding while waiting for the receptionist to end her current call, this can allow the caller to be automatically transferred to the next available extension you set such as another person in the dealership.
  • There are so many customisable functions you can use with the NUACOM phone system that will best suit the call group strategy you are after.
The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a function that combines Auto-attendant, Time-based Call Routing and Voice Menu which can immediately give an automatic response and offer options for the callers to connect to the right person or department. This is also useful for playing a different announcement when the business is closed. The IVR feature can be used in such a way to:
  • Reduce the workload on your receptionist by automatically routing incoming calls to the right person or call group.
  • Promote new vehicle models, trade-in offers or scrappage deals while they wait to be connected.
  • Enhance callbacks when open if the original call was outside of business hours.

Call Answering System

Integration is another great way to automate, manage and improve the process. All the call events from your prospects and customers ringing your dealership can be integrated with a CRM system, such as Salesforce, Hubspot and other marketing automation tools. In other words: you can consolidate calls, emails and any other details of your prospects or customers in one place. Have you ever heard of the phrase “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”? That applies also to Customer Interaction. Finding out how many calls your sales representative made to the customer, how many they received from the customer and any email exchanges can enhance the dealership sales KPIs and help close more deals.

Tools for Sales Productivity:

Smart Call Transfer permits your staff to be able to transfer calls to groups of staff, not only to a single extension. Eg. If you receptionist needs to transfer a Service call, it can be simply transferred to the department queue and not a single person. In addition, you can easily track the number of calls per department, whether they are direct calls from the voice menu and hotline or transferred from one of the staff. Busy managers are always checking the performance of their team and the whole department. Sometimes it requires them to have mobility throughout the dealership. Find-me-Follow-me is a must-have feature for them. This is a feature that permits calls to be connected to the managers’ mobile when they are away from their desk, during their shift. This can be also applied to extensions of other roles in a motor dealership. Connectivity is the key and the Find-me-Follow-me feature will empower your staff mobility. As mentioned previously, the CRM Integration is also a very productive feature for Sales Executives. Having all communication with the prospect in one place can give your sales team a 360 view of your prospect interaction with your dealership, whether the communication is via phone, email or another channel.


Another interesting feature for sales is the SMS Tool. Let’s be honest: we get dozens of emails per day and those sales emails can easily be filtered by the subject line. But Text Messaging is proven to be the second best way to deliver a message to prospects, second only to phone calls. Send pre-set messages to your customer’s mobiles such as services that are due etc. This feature has proven not only to save the time of employees but also help increase revenue for the business.

Tools for Management:

Reports and Analytics allow all business phone calls to be measured. This data offers the dealership partners both the insights and metrics for better KPI management. Checking peak time, most active staff members, missed calls and completed calls which can give you a clear view of your business interaction over the phone. Another great feature in the same management level is the call tracking. As a car dealer, if you combine offline marketing with online marketing, you may need to track the results of your campaigns, whether new customers book a test drive over the phone or access your website, as well as how many calls it takes to convert a lead into a buyer.

Car Dealer System Call Tracking

Call Logs and recordings will allow you access to all incoming, outgoing, or missed calls. You can access these logs and recordings at any time. The NUACOM phone system offers another level of user accessibility by providing a Wallboard feature. This Wallboard feature allows you to see in realtime all live calls. You can section this wallboard by departments such as Sales, Servicing and Aftersales.Live Calls Wallboard


With technology everchanging, the world has been moving at a very fast pace and the way in which we communicate throughout our workdays and businesses has been influenced greatly. As a Motor dealer, there is a greater need to take advantage of modern technology and understand the importance of better communication. As this can help your dealership close more deals, it can also help with driving in new customers.
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