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A Better Way To Mentor Your Team In Real-Time, With Call Coaching

Turn agents into experts by leveraging real-time mentoring with Call Coaching functions: Listening, Whispering and Barging. Help them have better conversations and performance.

Call Coaching
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Call Coaching

Train, Coach and Deliver Better Results

Call Listening

Call Listening

Run quality checks, in real-time, during the working hours. You can also use it to help new hires work in shadow.

Call Whispering

Call Whispering

Give tips and recommendations to agents during live calls, privately. Help them delight customers, on spot.

Call Barging

Join live calls. It works similar to a call conference, but when you feel it is the right time to join in.

Call Coaching FAQ

As Call Coaching is commonly used by call centers, this feature is available by default in our Premium and Call Center subscription plans. If you are on a lower subscription plan, you can upgrade just the users that would require this feature.

Some businesses choose to have their new hires working in shadow with experienced employees, listening to live calls. Another option is to grant access to this feature to supervisors to monitor the quality of service in real-time and be able to jump into any call that requires special attention.

Yes! This feature requires a secure PIN that can be set (or reset) by the account holder. The account holder can inform the PIN to only the users he/she wish to grant access to this feature.

Yes. In addition to the ability to monitor different extensions, this feature also works to monitor the same call.

Yes, and you can switch back at any time. All you need to do is to dial 5 for Whispering and 6 for Barging mode, or dial 4 to set yourself back to the Listening mode.

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