Meet NUACOM: Our New Brand and Website

Our story

We started in 2009 as MyCleverPhone and since then we’ve been providing reliable IP phone systems for a wide variety of businesses. Today, we’re happy to announce our new brand which better reflects our service, our vision and future plans. Our goal is to make your business communication more accessible, flexible, efficient and simple. To achieve that, we’re using VoIP technology and cloud computing, which open up a whole new world of opportunities.


From now on “NUACOM” is our new name. “NUA” stands for new and “COM” stands for communication. NUACOM is a new way of doing business communication, it’s powered by new technology and advanced features. It’s intended for business professionals willing to get flexible and robust hosted phone systems, reduce significantly the price of their calls and make their business communication more efficient.

During the years, our cloud services evolved, our system improved and received a broader range of VoIP features. All these define a new unified communications service comprised of multiple solutions: hosted phone system, e-receptionist, SMS tool, fax to email, public WiFi, etc. This rebranding is the result of our natural tech evolution and commitment. The new brand better represents our service and is in line with our current vision and future plans: to offer affordable, feature-rich, flexible and efficient IP phone systems to businesses across Ireland.


What’s new at NUACOM?

Our system is based on the same robust infrastructure and a wide range of advanced features plus a lot of new additions. Here are some of them:

  • New brand identity – now we have a fresh, modern, professional look and feel plus a brand new website. You can access it anytime here: and learn more about our services, offers and benefits. If you’re an existing customer, don’t worry: everything stays the same, you’ll be able to use your phone system as usual and enjoy our new brand.
  • New features – in addition to our existing features, we’ve launched plenty of new, advanced options that will improve your business communication:

1. Mobile app for Android and iOS: allowing you to manage your account on the go and access valuable data: call logs, call recordings, opening hours, etc.

2. Google Chrome extension & app: use them to make calls by clicking on any phone number in your web browser. Get instant notifications on incoming calls and easily add/edit contacts.

3. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): a powerful system where you can create and group contacts, add notes, attach files, track your customers’ activity (call and SMS logs), etc.

4. Advanced reporting: our web interface gives you access to detailed call reports and tools categorized by: call sources, extension usage and incoming calls.

5. SIM card hosting: allowing you to run your business from anywhere. You can host your SIM card on our system and use it to route all your incoming and outgoing calls.

  • New IP phones – we’ve updated our stock with new Cisco handsets. All the phones come pre-configured, you only need to plug them into your Internet connection and start using the service instantly. The phones are categorized by functionality and price, so you can easily choose the devices that suit your needs.
  • Professional support – you can get professional support anytime via multiple channels: chat, email or phone (by simply dialing 777). Additionally, we’ve switched to Zendesk to provide a more consistent support service based on a ticket system. Customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Comprehensive help center – we’ve compiled a comprehensive help resource where you can learn more about our system and get the most of it. You can read detailed user guides, FAQs, tutorials, etc. to better understand our service and be up to date with our latest news and announcements.
  • New apps & integrations – our phone system is compatible and works seamlessly with popular apps and platforms: OneDrive (latest addition), Mailchimp, TripAdvisor, Base CRM, etc. We’re constantly working on new integrations, so you could use our hosted phone system with your existing software.
  • A more consistent pricing – by default, if you switch to our service you’ll cut down the price of your calls by around 50%. You don’t have to pay for line rental, additional equipment and support. We’ve adjusted our packages to give our customers the best offers, suitable for all kind of businesses (starting at just EUR 25/month for 2 phone users).
  • New partnership program – we’ve migrated phone systems to the cloud in multiple enterprises (including government organizations). This is possible due to our comprehensive partnership program, that allows our business partners to get extra revenue and expand the scope of their business. Get in touch with us for more info.

“We already have a solid presence on local market. Our existing customers which are mostly small and medium businesses are recommending our services to their partners. Our customer base is growing organically, thanks to our excellent service (99.99% uptime in the last 12 months), flexible system (with unique features like IVR menu, call recording, SMS tools, advanced reporting, etc.) and professional support (chat, email, phone). The goal of this re-branding exercise is to deliver a new/modern service, based on the same reliable infrastructure + plenty of new options and improvements. Also, we are planning to expand and create around 20 new jobs in Ireland in the next 2 years” Igor Toma – CTO at NUACOM

To celebrate the launch of our new brand we’re running an exclusive, limited time offer for all professionals willing to try our service and realize its advantages. You get 40% discount on all our packages, until 25th of October. To benefit from this great offer simply subscribe to any package. Hurry up, the offer ends soon!


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