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Fanvil X5U VoIP Phone

This smart management level IP phone, Fanvil X5U comes with Dual Colour Screen, 30 DSS Keys, Bluetooth and more.

VoIP Phone Fanvil X5U New Model
Fanvil X5U VoIP Phone Ext Board

Work Smarter and Faster with 30 DSS

Explore 30 DSS Keys with 6 physical keys, 5 pages and a user-friendly color-screen interface.

Set up Key Actions such as:

  • Call transfer to a colleague

  • Call transfer to a group or department

  • Flip calls to your mobile

  • Stop/Resume Call Recording Feature

  • And more.

Technical Specifications:

· HD audio with Harman speaker and wideband codec G.722 and Opus

· 3.5-inch 480×320-pixel color display

· 30 DSS keys + 4 line keys with LED light

· Dual Gigabit port

· PoE enable

· Built-in Bluetooth

· EHS wireless headset

· WiFi via WiFi dongle

Fanvil X5U VoIp Phone

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