NUACOM Has Been Awarded by FinanceOnline

Best Irish Phone System provider

FinanceOnline has kindly reviewed NUACOM products and services, as one of the Best Phone System providers. We are pleased to have been reviewed by them. This site is a fast-growing platform for online reviews of Business to Business (B2B) SaaS products where you can easily find the perfect software for your business.  Its aim is to help business to grow their business by investing in the best software and hardware available. allows viewers to compare products, read customers reviews and reports on your products and services from leading industry experts.

Usually, the site only reviews major and multinational players but in recent times has begun to review more local companies. gave a comprehensive review of the company and its service. It listed the products and the service of NUACOM. It highlighted the many solutions that NUACOM’s business phone system offered to the customer. It also discussed the benefits of the system and present a series of features. The review was generally favorable and it stated that ‘NUACOM gives your business that distinctive edge in terms of internal and external business communication. It also provides the customer with some pricing information and some technical details such as the devices supported by NUACOM’s communication software. was positive about NUACOM. It gave a list of its benefits to the customer. The review also rates it in the TOP 100 International Communication Software Providers it has investigated. The general rating for the company was high. However, it was on user satisfaction that NUACOM scored very high. rated NUACOM at 100% for user satisfaction. This shows that the company provides an excellent service and product. Furthermore, NUACOM was discussed among the platform’s most popular communications software tools, where it got praised for high-definition call quality, advanced voicemail services, and effective and fast call queuing. 

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