NUACOM is Now Officially on the Zapier Business App List


NUACOM VoiP Phone System Zapier Integration Official

After a few months on the Beta version, ZAPIER has officially announced NUACOM as part of their list of Business Apps. As a NUACOM user, this integration will connect your call data with your other business applications to automate processes and actions in your workflow.

With NUACOM’s Zapier integration, managing your phone communication has never been easier. Furthermore, you can now utilize your telephony data in automating and growing your business. Zapier has the potential to trigger workflows in other web applications. Check out some of the benefits of the NUACOM and Zapier Integration:

What are the Zapier Integration benefits?

Boost your Sales Performance

It can allow you to improve your sales performance by linking your NUACOM account to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Or by simply adding a note, with the call event details, to the contact on your live chat. As a result, the next time this contact returns to your website and start chatting with your agents, they will be up-to-date with the contact’s current customer status.

Enhance your Customer Service

You can improve your customer service by sending your call events to your contact info on your ticketing system with Zapier. Additionally, you can create links to your Omni channels to help you centralize all your support channels.

Improve your Marketing Efforts

With Zapier you can enhance your marketing efforts by automatically adding callers to online advertising campaigns. Basically, for every sale call you receive, NUACOM will send the caller details to your campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other advertising platform on Zapier.

There are dozens of benefits in connecting your call data with other business apps that you use. If you are looking for a particular business app not listed on our integration page, please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions. They are always well appreciated.

How do you Automate NUACOM with Zapier?

  1. Set up a Zapier Account and create a Zap with the NUACOM app and other business apps you wish to connect to, on the Zapier List.
  2. Log in on Zapier and create a custom workflow with both Zapier and NUACOM
  3. Alternatively, go to NUACOM User Portal >> Settings >> Integration >> Zapier and choose one of the templates available.

Good News: we are continuously optimizing our main product and Zapier integration, and consequently adding new features for our customers to use. Follow us on our social media to stay updated and learn how to operate some of our new, premium features.  

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