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How important is opening hours information for your business

What is the feeling right after calling a business and the phone just ring, ring, ring and nobody answer? In Ireland, there are businesses that operate with completely different working hours. Some from 10 am to 4 pm, others 9 am to 5 pm and you can even come across businesses that operate only from afternoon until late night. How do you think your potential clients would feel if they call your company and nobody answers? Some callers could check the business hours on your website after that, others could leave to call back in the next day and you can have some potential clients that just call the next service provider (your competitor!). In this article, I have a great news for you: no more lost opportunities and keep your callers connected, with our Opening Hours feature.

What is Opening Hours feature?

Opening Hours feature is a function of our VoIP Phone System that informs your callers in a professional manner about the opening hours of your business. When your callers ring out of office time, they are answered with a customized message announcing that your business is out of hours and when what the opening hours are. Also, the system can offer multiple options for the caller to route, for example to a voicemail, play another message or even transfer the call to an emergency contact number, if it is the case to have this option for your business.  And if you wish to add this message as one of the options in your IVR menu, you can have your callers informed about your opening hours even when your business is open.

This is so easy to do with NUACOM Cloud phone system for business.  It is possible to set your working hours using your account via a web interface or an app. It will tell them when they can make an inquiry and when they can receive some assistance. You can set up open/close times by logging into your account and using the web interface or by using the mobile app. You can easily change your message. We also provide Professional Voice-over services.

We believe that this feature is essential for any business in today’s competitive environment.  That is because it allows a company or an organization to have the best customer service possible. Those companies that have the best customer service usually have more sales. Here is how the opening hours message can help your business to get new customers and retain old ones.

  • Improve your customer service: the customer will know simply by calling a business during the opening hours. This means that they know when they will be able to get some assistance or support. This is more likely to ensure that they do business with your company again.
  • Boost sales: if the call is for sales and you wish to give an option for your caller to leave a voicemail or buy online, you can have a customized message for this purpose. If you have a professional message telling them your opening hours then it is more likely they will consider to call again during opening hours or leave a voicemail.
  • There are times of year when your business has unusual opening hours such as Christmas. If your customers call when you are closed they will be informed of when they can get assistance. This means that you do not lose sales or leads.
  • NUACOM’s offer the opportunity to customize the opening hours message. A business can personalize their message and this will be something that will create a positive impression in the minds of the customer.

If you are interested in this unique feature or a FREE TRIAL, please contact us at NUACOM.

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