The story behind our new brand identity

An appealing and compelling brand makes a good service or product even greater. It clearly describes your company’s identity, mission and vision. We’ve been always working on new features and improvements since we started our cloud-based hosted phone service (in 2009). The system evolved and turned into a complete unified messaging solution, suitable for all kinds of businesses. Our focus has changed, so too has our brand.

That is why we launched NUACOM – our completely new and exciting brand, will change the way you perceive business communications. Our main business goal is to provide a better online and off-line experience to all our users and our new band communicates our service and vision in a clear way. We opted for a clean, modern, fresh, responsive design based on beautiful typography, balanced colour scheme, flat style and elegant components. We have also updated our marketing materials and simplified the sign-up process, so you could easily access your package and benefit from it.

The guys from DoubleScreative agency did a great job and transformed all our ideas and inputs into a beautiful style guide (also known as brand book or brand identity). They carefully created different elements of our new brand identity and came up with some exciting ideas. We know you will like the final results. Below we to explain some of the elements of our new brand:

The logo

It’s based on rounded shapes and a beautiful type representing the new name. Just to remind you that “Nua” in Irish means new and “com” stands for communication. Our brand new identity is based on this concept: professional business communication services powered by new technology.


Logo restrictions

A short and funny guideline on how to NOT use the new logo.


Colour scheme

The colours are vivid, fresh and appealing, inspired by a flat design colour palette, which look’s attractive on all kind of devices and printed materials.



We opted for a clean, elegant and bold typography based on 2 beautiful fonts and that has a great use of white space. The content is adaptable, easy to read and clearly relates our messages and offers.



The scaled “N” letter from the logo is the base for the all the other brand identity elements, on our business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc. Different areas of this illustration were cropped and used for diverse materials, keeping the same style.


Business cards

We have noticed that a lot of business cards do not have any information related to the nature of a business. That is why we designed clean, modern and elegant business cards that clearly display our contact details and business nature.



Efficient business communications based on new technologies is the message that we want to emphasize. We have tried to relate this message in all our printed materials, including our business cards, letterhead, brochures, user guides, etc.


Roll up banner

Is based on the same modern, clean style and includes enough space for additional information. It can be adjusted in multiple ways and represent custom offers and features.


And much more

You’ll notice more brand elements on our new website and printed materials. We hope you’ll like our new brand identity.

Feel free to spread the word about our new brand and tell us if you like our new design and brand, we put our heart and soul into it. Our brand will encourage you to switch to cloud base phone system now and reduce significantly the price of your business communication! 

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