How VoIP Phone System Empowers Irish Businesses

VoIP Phone System for Office

Voice over Internet Protocol (Voice over IP, VoIP and IP telephony) is a range of technologies that allow voice communication over the internet.  We can say it is the modern version of telephony, using Digital signals, instead of Analog ones. VoIP phone systems have excellent HD voice quality and this means better communications. Considered the best type of office phone system, more and more Irish businesses (small, medium and large) are switching to Hosted Phone System (VoIP Technology). VoIP Phone Systems have two main advantages: tons of features and lower costs.

Apart from the two main advantages, Irish companies can benefit from this technology for different purposes, such as boosting sales, improving customer service level and having insights for management.

VoIP Phone System for Sale Team:

Think of all your business calls from/to prospects as sales opportunities. So what if you could take unlimited incoming calls simultaneously and place them in a queue for you operators? Also, what if you could eradicate the engaged tone when your prospects call? With NUACOM Phone system, it is possible in both cases. The combination of Phone System Features such as IVR system for automatically answer and route the incoming calls + call queuing + HD voice just make the inbound sales process over the phone extremely more productive. In additional, our click-to-call feature and unlimited landline calls in Ireland, UK and 16 other countries empower your sale reps to set up more meetings, convert more leads and close more deals.

Watch our video and find out how our cloud phone system has helped our client Autokey in Dublin to increase their sales through phone queries and reduced the missed calls.

VoIP Phone System for Customer Service Department:

If you care about your customer experience, you definitely should consider having a fully-featured Cloud Business Phone System.  First, your customers will be automatically answered and a greeting message will play. Then, an option to route the call will be offered to your customers. It means no engaged tone and time-saving process for your customer and operators. There is also a call group feature that rings all the phones in the specific department. There is also an add-on on NUACOM Phone System for the advanced feature called Automated Call Rating. It provides your customers with the option to rate your customer services, at the end of his/her call.


VoIP Phone System for Management:

If you are a decision-maker, you know how valuable real data can be. And “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” – Peter Drucker. How about to know how your team is performing over the phone, who is the most active operator, what is the busiest day and your peak time, advanced calculation of CPA including call charges, average call duration for the converted leads and much more? You can have all these data for KPI measures and optimize your business process, either in sales, customer service, developments and internally. In the end, our Business Phone System helps you to reduce costs and to improve efficiency.


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Authors: Edward Whelan and Mylvio Mendes.


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