Sparkle Icon Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more

Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more

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Covid-19 Relief Program

NUACOM Cloud Phone System
Helping SME overcome COVID-19 outbreak

All calling features and unlimited calls for your sales & support teams. Eligible businesses get 50% off on our Premium Plan for 3 months.

NUACOM Softphone Dashboard
NUACOM Softphone Dashboard
business phones

Empower Your Sales Team

business phones
Prospect Faster
Call directly from your CRM and use our Auto-Select Caller ID to increase your connection ratio.
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Global Presence
Get international phone numbers and unlimited calls to prospects and clients in 30+ countries.

Build Your Perfect Call Flow

VoIP Phone System Automated
VoIP system costs
Automate Inbound Calls
Set up your voice menu, play a greeting message and route calls automatically.
VoIP system costs
Group Agents
Create groups, set up ring strategies and connect callers with the most suitable team.
VoIP Phone System Automated
Call Back Widget

Turn Visitors into Hot Sales Calls

Call Back Widget
From Web to Sales Call
Convert web visitors into inbound calls, improving customer service and speeding up your sales cycle.
Keep Record of Every Call
Use our call tags, notes and recording features and save every detail of your negotiations.
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Connect & Automate

Convert Chat Into Sales Call
Integrate NUACOM + Intercom and speed up the process to convert leads and serve customers.
Optimize Sales Tasks
Call your prospects directly from your CRM, log call activities and recordings, automatically.
New Way to Handle Support
Connect your support calls with your tickets for faster resolution and better management.
Use Call Data to Grow
Automate your business process by connecting your call data with 100+ business apps on Zapier.

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