Sparkle Icon Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more

Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more


The Phone System for Amazing Customer Service


Enable your support team with all functionalities they need to do what they enjoy the most: delighting customers!

"It's very important that we don't miss any calls. Having the NUACOM system installed, we found out that we're not missing any calls."
Business phone system Nederland
John Martin Sexton,
Director Embroidery and Print World LTD.

Enhance Your Customer Service

Automate & Connect
Connect callers to the most suitable team member, automatically.
Flexible Management
Add or remove agents, set up groups per skill, location and priority level.
Integrated System
Connect your calls to your Helpdesk, Live Chat and 100+ other apps.
Valuable Data
Keep track of every inquiry and manage your team based on data.

Delighting Customers With The Right Tools

Incoming Call Pop-up
Quickly access every caller’s details directly on your PC.
Wrap-up Time
Give your agents the time needed to work on inquiry.
Live Calls Monitoring
Team Leaders can join any live call and assist the support team.
Call Recording
Review your quality of service with our call recordings feature.
Solution - Phone System 1.1

Fully Flexible Business Phone System

Solution - Phone System 1.1
Easy Setup
Choose a number, add users, set your call flow and start calling in 5 minutes.
Fully Customizable
Modify our system to suit the needs of your business.
Powerful Features
50+ business-oriented features to empower your team.
Valuable Call Metrics
Gain full visibility and control of all your business calls.

A Full Suite of Features for Exceptional Customer Service

Team’s Performance
View live stats on the performance of an agent or team during the day. 
Auto Call Distribution
Combine our IVR menu, Call Queues and Ring Strategy to distribute calls.
Call Details
Use call notes and tags to keep track of each caller’s inquiries.
Call Recording
Have all your calls recorded for training and quality of service.
Live Call Wallboard
View agent status, abandoned vs. completed calls, callers on the waiting queue and more.
Live Call Monitoring
Join any live call and offer support to your agents when necessary.
Combine our phone system with Helpdesk, Live Chat, and +1,000 other business apps.
All Telephony Features
Call Conference, Call Transfer, Hold/Resume, Mute, Monitor and 40+ more.