Sparkle Icon Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more

Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more

The #1 Phone Solution for Retail and E-Commerce

Deliver seamless customer service with one-call issue resolution. Integrate your preferred e-commerce tools for centralised data access, providing enhanced shopping experiences. Experience comprehensive customer connectivity through our all-in-one communications platform.

Here are the benefits of VoIP telephony for The Retail Industry:

Call Routing and IVR
Enhanced Data Protection (GDPR Compliant)
Keep teams connected, even if they are remote workers
Detailed call and contact records
High Quality Calls
Improved call routing to the relevant department
Call identification based on the source
Advanced analytics

Trusted by over 15,000+ users around the world

Fully Flexible Business Phone System

Improve Response Time
With features like SMS and click to dial you can save time automating your contacts.
Powerful Features
50+ business-oriented features to empower your team.
Always Available
Get the right call to the right person at the right time. Call Routing helps streamline communication, improve patient experience, ensure prompt emergency response, facilitate specialised care, allocate resources efficiently, and automate essential communications for better patient care and operational efficiency.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Benefiting financial services companies by automating customer interactions, providing self-service options, improving call routing efficiency, and enhancing overall customer experience and satisfaction.

NUACOM Integrations

Integrate your NUACOM account with dozens of business apps and use your call data to grow your business.

We offer 100’s of integrations to streamline communication and collaboration within your organisation. These integrations enable users to synchronise their phone system with their CRM, help desk, or other business tools, making it easier to manage communications and customer interactions more efficiently. For a full list of integrations please contact our sales team for a free product demo.

Connected to your Business Tools





Odoo CRM


Facebook ads




Linkedin ads


Microsoft Teams




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Some of the Features we have available

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"Integrates with many tools we use for our sales and support functions."
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Head of Sales, Occupop
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5/5 stars

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