Unlock the Full Potential of Your FreshDesk with Nuacom Call Data

Elevate your phone-based customer service to new heights by consolidating Nuacom call events within Freshdesk, offering a more streamlined support process.

Nuacom + Freshdesk: Transform Your Customer Support

Freshdesk is a leading customer support platform that enables businesses to manage customer inquiries in a single, centralized location. By integrating Nuacom phone system with Freshdesk using Zapier, you can further streamline your customer support processes.
With this integration, you can log inbound and outbound calls as events under the contact details in Freshdesk. This ensures centralized communications and easy access to all conversation details, including call recording and note-taking options. Additionally, the click-to-call feature available directly from the Freshdesk interface saves your team time and eliminates the potential for misdialing.
Setting up the integration takes just a few minutes and allows you to deliver seamless customer support with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of scattered communications and hello to a more efficient customer support experience with Freshdesk and Nuacom integration.