HUBSPOT Integration

A better way to handle sales & support calls and achieve what is most important:
Close deals and delight customers.

Connect our powerful calling features to your HubSpot and empower your team to handles calls with efficiency.

Enhance the way to handle calls

Hubspot CRM 4

Caller’s Details

View valuable caller’s details prior to answering calls and be well-prepared to serve.
HubSpot CRM 1

Contact’s Page

Find out everything about your callers using our 1-click access to their pages on your HubSpot.

Optimizing Your Outbound


Auto-Select Caller ID

Increase your connection ratio by auto-setting your Caller ID to match your lead’s country code.
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Maximize call volume, eliminate misdialing and close more deals with our click-to-call feature.
HubSpot Integration NUACOM v2

Bringing Call Data to Your CRM

HubSpot Integration NUACOM v2
Hubspot CRM 3

Automate Call Activities

Save and access phone conversations with your contacts directly in HubSpot.
Hubspot CRM 2

Track Every Interaction

Playback call recordings and use call notes to improve productivity and save time. 

Have Full Visibility Of All Live Calls

Office Call Center
Icon - Better Management

Live Call Wallboard

Monitor your business live calls and KPIs in real-time. Take decisions based on live data.
Icon - Mobity and Flexibility (3)

Coach Your Team

Assist your team members during their calls and help them close deals faster, on the spot.
Office Call Center

Power up your sales team with

Advanced Calling Features

Power up your sales team with Advanced Calling Features

Call Recording

Call Recording

Call Tags & Notes

Call Tags


Call Notes


Auto-Select Caller ID

Icon - Sales Calls in Details (1)

Smart Call Transfer

Call Conference

Call Conference


Live Call Wallboard


Internal/External Calls

Icon - fully customizable

Ring Group & Ring Strategy


Voice Menu

Icon - Mobity and Flexibility (3)

Automated Messages

Icon - Wrap-time

Time-based Call Routing

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