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Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more

About Us

“Making business communication
more efficient and flexible.”

The Company

In 2009, our co-founders saw cloud computing technology as the perfect opportunity to revolutionize the telecom industry. After building our in-house coded phone system from scratch, they launched MyCleverPhone to the Irish market. Since then, our company has provided a unified communication platform to over 4,000 clients.


In October 2016, we rebranded our company as NUACOM to properly reflect our services, vision and future plans. NUACOM Cloud Phone System has 50+ features, can integrate with over 100 business apps, and is one of the most reliable VoIP phone systems on the market.

Our Beliefs


Our mission is to connect businesses to customers with our in-house developed Cloud Phone System, so both sides can enjoy the ultimate call experience through the use of modern features, integrations and key insights.


Our vision is to change the way we define a communication system and provide businesses with the tools needed to create a cross-channel contact strategy, improve their user experience and empower every team member to achieve more.

Core Values

NUACOM stands for ‘new communication’, which properly reflects our company’s values and organizational mission to make interactions more personal, interactive and memorable for both customers and businesses.


Change the way we define a modern Cloud Phone System and push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the telecom industry.

Our Numbers

# of Features


# of Customers


# of Calls Processed

1.1 B+

What Our Clients Are Saying

“NUACOM have been a great choice for us, as we only use state of the art technology.”

Michael O’Connell, MD

House of Finance

“Great for management and Quality Control. We saved approximately 50-60%.”

Stephen Walker, MD


“Since we installed the system, we find out we are not missing any calls anymore.”

John Martin Sextor, MD

The Logo Shop

“The system has lots of nice features but the most important is the lines are never busy.”

Michael Mazilu, Owner

Pandinis Restaurant