Improve call management within Microsoft Teams and prioritise the ultimate goal: delivering exceptional customer satisfaction!

  • Calls, Video, Chat, in one app.
  • Automate calls to the right team.
  • IVR, Greetings, Voice menu, Working hours.
  • Call Recording, and 50+ VoIP features.

Best Benefits Of Our VoIP For Your Business

Video, Message and Calls in One Place.

  1. Nuacom offers a Microsoft Teams solution that transforms Teams into a centralized platform for collaboration, complete with a built-in phone system featuring Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities. With this solution, users can seamlessly communicate via chat, audio and video calls, web conferences, and traditional phone calls, all while retaining their familiar phone number.

Remote work made simple.

  1. The usage of Microsoft Teams has significantly increased in the past year as companies rapidly shifted to remote work. Rather than reserving physical office space for meetings, employees are now engaging in online collaboration and communication.

Port Your Numbers Or Get New Ones

  1. Port your existing numbers and use them from Microsoft Teams. You can also get new international numbers from 100+ countries.

Build Your Smart Call Flow

  1. Choose greeting messages, choose the menu options and route calls to Microsoft Teams members automatically.