NUACOM Mobile Softphone App

A Powerful Softphone for Growing Businesses

Use your office number to make & receive calls

Multiple Phone Numbers
Use your Direct inward dial or business main line, on your mobile, wherever you go.
Business or Personal
Separate business calls from your personal number, using the same device.

View and Playback Business Calls

Performance Track
All calls from NUACOM Mobile app are logged and included in employees’ performance reports.
Record Business Calls
All calls are saved, recorded and can be listening on the go, directly from the app.

Easily Transfer Calls

Connecting Colleagues
Have the ability to transfer your calls to any colleague.
Connecting External Numbers
And you can also transfer calls to an external number.

Access Office Phonebook

Mobile Phonebook
Easily access device phonebook to handle calls from NUACOM mobile app.
Shared Office Phonebook
Access shared office phonebook directly from the app so you don’t miss any business contact.

Have the Flexibility Your Team Needs
with our Mobile, Desktop and Deskphone

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