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Zendesk Sell Integration

Zendesk Sell Integration with NUACOM Cloud Phone System

Transform your team into Sales Superstars with the combined power of this two-way integration.


Ensure Your Sales Team’s Success

Quick Access

During an incoming call, quickly access the caller’s details in just two clicks.

Notify Your Team

Never miss an incoming call with our pop-up Desktop Notification.

Boost Sales Reps Workflow

Automate Call Events

Automatically sync call details to your Zendesk Sell Account.

Unified Systems

Access call recordings, notes and tags directly in Zendesk.

The Zendesk Sell Integration with the Nuacom Cloud Phone System is a strategic partnership between two powerful software solutions designed to streamline customer relationship management and communication processes for businesses. Here’s a breakdown of what this integration entails:

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help businesses manage and improve their sales processes. It offers tools for tracking leads, managing contacts, automating sales tasks, and generating insights to boost sales performance.

Nuacom Cloud Phone System

Nuacom is a cloud-based phone system that offers a wide range of communication features, including VoIP calling, call recording, call routing, and more. It's designed to enhance business communication and customer interactions.


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Integration Benefits:

The integration between Zendesk Sell and Nuacom Cloud Phone System brings several advantages to businesses

Streamlined Communication

Users can make and receive phone calls directly from within Zendesk Sell. This means they don't have to switch between different apps, making communication with leads and customers more efficient.

Enhanced Customer Insights

By combining CRM data from Zendesk Sell with call data from Nuacom, businesses gain a more comprehensive view of their customer interactions. This enables better-informed decisions and improved customer service.

Call Recording and Logging

All calls made or received through Nuacom within Zendesk Sell can be recorded and logged. This is valuable for compliance, training, and reference purposes.

Improved Response Times

With call pop-ups and contextual information about callers, users can respond to customer inquiries more effectively. They have access to relevant customer details right when they need them.

Efficient Lead Management

Inbound calls can be automatically linked to leads or contacts in Zendesk Sell, simplifying lead management and helping sales teams stay organized.


The integration can often be customized to fit a business's specific needs. This means you can tailor the integration to match your unique sales and communication processes.

In essence, the Zendesk Sell Integration with the Nuacom Cloud Phone System is a powerful combination that unifies CRM and communication efforts. It empowers businesses to provide better customer service, streamline sales processes, and ultimately, boost productivity and sales performance.
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