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NUACOM Desktop App Release Notes

Version: 1.120.31 - 12 Jul 2023

New features:
  • Mandatory Call Tags and Notes

Version v1.19.30.3 - 8 Jun 2023

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the Zendesk integration URL.

Version v1.19.30.2 - 23 May 2023

New features:

  • Added support for Yealink Headsets.
Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the Jabra build-in busy light.

Version v1.19.30.1 - 4 May 2023

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the SIP NOTIFY messages.

Version - 13 Mar 2023

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the caller Id for blind and attended transfer.

Version 1.11.12 - 14 June 2021

New features:

  • Hubspot integration.
  • Sending SMS after the call is terminated.
  • Show most recent calls logs for a contact durring the call.
  • New Call History statuses: Internal call, Voicemail, Missed durring greetings.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed support for custom protocols (tel: callto: sip: nuacom:)
  • Unable to transfer to a contact from Phonebook.
  • Remove the end call beep sound while on “Silence” ringtone.
  • Call Conference Merge issue.

Version 1.10.11 - 30 Sep 2020

Minor Bug fixes:
  • Fixed DTMF input not working when digits are entered from the keyboard.
  • Changed the style of the after-call screen.
  • Fixed the issue with TEL: protocol handling.

Version 1.9.10 - 26 Sep 2020

New features:

  • 2 new ringtones added “silent” and “beep”.
  • After the call has ended, the user can add notes/tags or call back the number.
  • 3-way call conference.
  • Sending mobile text (SMS). (sending only)
  • Custom URI protocol handling, callto: tel: and sip:. This will allow the click to call to work from web browsers
    and other system application without the need of Chrome extension.
  • Call status badge on Windows task bar icon.
  • New voicemail notification.

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple notifications when the Internet connection fails.
  • Active call timer was resetting when switching between pages.
  • Missing call transfer button after the attempt to make a second call fails.
  • Correct contact details on mouse hover over the item in call history.
  • List of available tags not showing in the call history details.
  • Support for “+” symbol in user login field.
  • Non-admin user was unable to login if the extension caller id was not set.
  • Non-admin user with additional access to call logs had the button “All Calls” missing.
  • Fixed Jabra Evolve 65 headset integration issues.
  • Issues with editing a number in the dialing screen.
  • Auto-logout when the user is suspended or deleted.
  • Maximum length limit of the company name in the Settings page.
  • Disabled ring tone for the second incoming call.
  • Improved search of the country code on the dialing screen.
  • Improvement of the handling of re-connection when the network is lost.

Version 1.8.9 - 23 May 2020

  • Added support for groups and organisations in Contacts.
  • Improved support for Jabra headsets call control.
  • Fixed the issue with alphabetic Contact sorting
  • Improved the re-connection after the Internet loss.
  • Added letters to the dial-pad.
  • Other minor improvements and bugfixes.

Version 1.7.8 - 19 May 2020

  • Improved the login failed messages.
  • Periodic check for the new updates.
  • Improved Contact listing and search.
  • Improved the app re-connection logic on network failures.
  • Improved search for Team tab.
  • Improved display for History tab.
  • Saving the user login session after the app restart.

Version 1.6.7 - 09 May 2020

  • Automatically adjusted window size to fit the the screen height.
  • Showing the extension name when calling from Team tab.
  • Showing the appropriate message when connection failure is due to the limit of number of connected devices.
  • Changed the keypad tone.
  • Fixed memory leak issues.
  • Improved handling of multiple calls.
  • Fixed the call duration bug when the call duration is greater than 1 hour.

Version 1.5.6 - 28 Apr 2020

  • Bug fix related to shared contacts sync between different users.
  • Bug fix related to the dial-pad being slow and not dialing the all entered numbers.
  • Bug fix related to answering a second call without putting the current one on hold.