7 Must-have HubSpot Integrations for Better Communication

NUACOM VoIP Phone System Integration with Hubspot

HubSpot helps businesses attract more visitors, increase their conversion rate, and satisfy existing customers with its inbound marketing application. It aids businesses with the creation of high-quality content with on-page optimisation for SEO and improves accessibility on social media platforms. As a result, prospects are effectively engaged with landing pages, CTAs, and personalised emails.

However, seamless communication with clients in HubSpot requires additional integrations.†Let’s take a look at the 7 must-have HubSpot Integrations for better communication.


  1. Zendesk

NUACOM Phone System integration with Zendesk 2

This integration allows you to receive updates on Zendesk tickets within HubSpot. Zendesk tickets contain relevant data and information on your customersí queries and concerns. This integration ensures that your team members have all the information they need before they embark on resolving an open ticket.


  1. Google Contacts

NUACOM Phone System integration with Google Contacts 2

With this two-way integration, businesses can create and update contacts within their HubSpot CRM using Google Contacts and vice versa. Syncing your contacts eliminates the need for import/export and prevents the loss of important contact details about your clients.†


  1. PandaDoc

pandadoc logo

Manage your activities efficiently with HubSpotís PandaDoc integration. Create proposals, contracts, and quotes within the HubSpot interface and populate them with relevant information such as company name, contact details, and deal objects.


  1. MailChimp

NUACOM Phone System integration with Mailchimp 2

Sync your MailChimp subscribers to your HubSpot account. This allows you to perform automated actions every time there is a new activity in either MailChimp or HubSpot such as the addition or update of a contact. The two-way integration also eliminates the import/export of contacts, enhancing the productivity of your sales teams.


  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Manager

With this integration, you can add leads from Facebook Ads directly to HubSpot. Seamlessly create and update your HubSpot contacts from Facebook lead Ads! You can also acquire conversion tracking information and ROI reporting from the Facebook Ads data.


  1. Slack

Slack Logo

Keep your team members informed and foster collaboration by integrating Slack with HubSpot. Quickly send messages to your HubSpot contacts from Slack. This is a great integration for communicating with your team. You can keep your team members informed the moment a company is added to your HubSpot CRM by sending a channel message in Slack.




Integrate your HubSpot with NUACOMís VoIP phone system and seamlessly call your contacts alongside relevant data. With the†click-to-call feature, you donít have to repeatedly dial each number when making a call. This greatly boosts your sales performance and reduces misdialing. Record incoming and outgoing calls and log your calls directly in the HubSpot Contact Activity page. Save time and always stay up-to-date with your sales activity by centralizing all your communication with your customers in one place.


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