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Business Phone System can boost Marketing Campaigns

Business Phone System for Marketing Purposes

Did you know that an advanced phone system can help you to market your business?  With an integrated phone system, you can develop your brand and advertise your business to your target market. A cloud phone system operates via the internet and therefore it can be integrated with a variety of platforms such as Google Contacts, MailChimp, and many others. This means that your phone can provide you with information that allow you to develop effective marketing strategies. This integration also enables a small business to implement sophisticated marketing campaigns like an Enterprise. Here are some of the ways that your phone system can be used to get to know your clients better:

Business phone system and CRM:

CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is an exciting way of getting to know your customer. Today cloud phone system can be integrated with CRM software such as SalesForce. The data from your phone can be used to better understand your customer and develop the best marketing strategy possible. It means the focus on the call is on customer needs, but the outcome of the call is in relation to the sales stage.

Call Reports:

Advanced business phone systems have features such as call reports. These reports can inform you about your callers’ request, peak time, average call duration and more. This allows you to understand your callers behavior and prepare a new approach to up-sell, cross-sell, turn them into advocates or retention.

SMS Tools:

SMS messaging is brilliant for direct marketing. Our cloud phone system is integrated with our sister company and it can be used to message callers instantly. It is also possible to send bulk and personalized SMS to callers. For example, sending a Review Request message for all mobile callers that contact the customer service or technical support, with a high satisfaction rate, and had their needs fulfilled. The SMS tool has a very high opening rate (99%) and can really improve your up-sales and cross-sales.

Email Campaign through Phone System:

An integrated business phone system can help a small business to launch its own email marketing campaign.  Emailing customers is a great way to generate interest in your products and services. Our phone system can be integrated with a third-party provider such as MailChimp. Based on the integration with CRM and call reports, it is possible to create an email campaign for all contacts that have not bought lately or have not contacted you in the last 30 days for example (neither by phone or Email). Also, contacts that the sale agent could not get through over the phone can be contacted by email. More and more people are reliant on price comparison sites and reviews when making business decisions. An integrated business phone system can send a customer a feedback request on TripAdvisor or for similar websites. This can be done through integration with MailChimp.  As you build up your positive feedback you will be able to build your brand and market your company. If you want to know more about how a business phone system can help you to market your business contact us.

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