Enhance Your Drift Support Experience with Nuacom Call Events

Create a seamless customer support experience by integrating Nuacom call events into Drift, for a more efficient support workflow.

Drift + Nuacom: Streamline Your Conversations

Drift is an AI-powered chatbot that helps businesses engage with customers in real-time. By integrating Nuacom phone system with Drift using Zapier, you can log inbound and outbound calls as events under the contact details. This ensures centralized communications and easy access to conversation details with call recording and note-taking options. Plus, the click-to-call function available directly from the Drift interface saves your team time and eliminates misdialing, making it easier to provide excellent customer support.
Setting up the integration takes only a few minutes, so you can quickly start streamlining your customer conversations. With Drift and Nuacom integration, you can take your customer support game to the next level, delivering top-notch service with ease.