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NUACOM and Zapier for VoIP Phone System Integration

NUACOM Phone System Zapier Integration Best

NUACOM has now Zapier Integration! It means, you can integrate your VOIP Phone System to hundreds of apps. It’s also about using your telephony data to automate and grow your business!

Business apps can change the way we work and live. Some of them were built to solve a problem, other to meet a specific need in the market, and others to automate our workflow. But a few of them have changed the way we use business apps by integrating one to another. These apps are generally called connectors! The objective of these connectors is to identify events (let’s call it triggers) on an app and perform actions to other apps based on the details of the event. We’ll give you some examples:

  1. Trigger: an incoming call to the Sales or Support Department was completed successfully.
  2. Action 1: send a call notification with the call details to the designated department team ticketing software, such as ZenDesk, or to the instant messaging software, such as Slack.
  3. Action 2: send an email to your caller thanking him/her for the call and presenting your new features, product or service, for better cross-selling and up-selling results.

You can also send this data to your favourite app to generate reports, or to set up a new project in your project management software, or even to power your remarketing campaigns by filtering the leads that have actually called your business and nurturing them with a custom campaign. There are 1,000+ apps on Zapier that you can integrate your telephony data, either to:

  • Manage your requests over the phone,
  • Automate your process,
  • Sync your phone book contacts,
  • Power your marketing,
  • Optimize your Customer Service or Support department,
  • Boost your sales,

I would like to invite you to be part of NUACOM New Integration Program. If you wish to be one of the first companies to enjoy any new integration we develop, please subscribe to our New Integration Program.

PS: if you use any other connector, CRM or system that you actually would like to have your VOIP Phone System integrated, please email me at I’d be happy to discuss new ideas!

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