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Top 5 Highlights from the SaaStock 19 Conference in Dublin

NUACOM attended all three days of the global B2B SaaStock conference in Dublin. However, some of the most notable highlights were showcased on Tuesday, October 15th.   SaaStock 19 in Dublin

NUACOM’s Exhibitor Experience at SaaStock 19

SaaStock, an international community of software as a service (SaaS) companies, investors and founders, hosted a three-day flagship conference at Royal Dublin Society. The SaaStock 19 conference in Dublin had approximately 4,000 attendees, 250 exhibitors, and over 40 hours of content. The global meetup is lively, a great place for networking with other SaaS companies, and can easily be described as the ‘go-to event for any software company’.

A Brief Overview of Dublin’s SaaStock 19

The main entrance hall is filled with large displays from exhibitors like Google Cloud, Salesforce, Intercom, and more. Near the back of the building, designated areas were set up for one-on-one business meetings, scheduled speakers, and more exhibitors. The NUACOM team enjoyed chatting with SaaS attendees, executives, and showcasing the latest version of NUACOM’s Softphone 2.0. Beyond speaking with guests about the latest Softphone features, our team attended various tech events, listened to scheduled speakers, and conversed with other SaaS exhibitors. Here are the top 5 highlights from the second day of SaaStock 19:

Top 5 Highlights from SaaStock 19 in Dublin:

1. NUACOM Softphone 2.0 Our team of in-house developers spent months building the NUACOM Softphone 2.0 (it would be a shame not to mention). It has a user-friendly interface, similar to a smartphone, and four icons situated at the bottom of the screen: • Teams: Visual display of each staff member’s contact details, extension number, and current availability. • History: Access Call Recordingsdirectly from your mobile to review conversations between team members and callers.  • Contacts: Store and sync leads identified in your CRM, by your agents, or in a business app directly to your Softphone. • Settings: Set your availability, outgoing Caller ID, ringtone, and send reports between team members. NUACOM will be launching the Softphone 2.0 in the upcoming days. If you would like to receive updates on our new softphone, sign up for our newsletter:
2. Featured Speakers at SaaStock 19 Our standout speaker of the conference was Brian Lynch, Head of Cloud Partner Engineering at Google. He provided attendees with some great advice about improving company numbers, fostering the growth of employees, and new methods that succeeded and failed for Google. A Google project that never came to fruition was the proposal to connect users to the Internet with fiber-optic cables. “For Google, it’s core to our belief (that) everyone deserves a fast, reliable Internet,” said Lynch.  Google’s intention was in the right place, but the project was scrapped. Lynch taught us that it’s good to have innovative ideas, but thinking practically (and within budget) is important as well.  3. Intercom’s All-In-One Product Tours  This year, Intercom introduced Product Tours as a new way for businesses to design customized user onboarding. Within three months, the company found amazing success, as well as the businesses who have enabled Intercom’s virtual onboarding experience for their subscribers. While speaking with Account Executive at Intercom, we learned some key insights about the benefits of using Product Tours on your website: • New users can experience interactive walkthroughs for each product/service to help them get started. • Highlight key features to showcase new additions to your products/services. • Multi-page access to build your tutorial across different web pages. • Interactive tours so your users can cooperate in the onboarding process. Intercom’s Product Tours have many features not listed, but even with this brief list, it’s easy to understand why NUACOM chose Intercom as a SaaStock highlight.  4. Patrick from ProfitWell Patrick Campbell, Founder & CEO of ProftWell, is a reoccurring figure at SaaStock and now we know why. Besides the fact that Patrick gives charismatic and relatable speeches, he also provides SaaS attendees with great advice. While presenting on the Traction Stage, he provided slides to display the growth gap between SaaS companies that have retention strategies and track financial metrics versus the ones that do not.  At one particular moment, Patrick explained that simple tactics, like altering your product pricing every three months, can increase your customers’ lifetime value (LTV). Patrick Campbell is a must-see featured speaker and easily stood out among his counterparts at SaaStock 19.  5. Revenue AI The AI-driven platform, Cognism, helps B2B companies navigate and enrich their data landscape by filling their sales pipeline with accurate B2B prospects who are most likely to buy. During SaaStock, NUACOM spoke with Priya Fernandes, the Marketing Business Development Executive at Cognism. Fernandes explained how Cognism’s intelligent data solution works to accelerate the revenue growth of B2B sales and marketing teams across the EU and US. Cognism sifts through your CRM, compiles all of your data to create prospect lists, then sends targeted messages (via email campaign) to streamline your prospects through the engagement cycle. Cognism appears to be a great software solution to foster revenue growth for a wide range of businesses.

Conclusion of SaaStock 19

NUACOM struggled to choose the top 5 highlights from SaaStock 19. There were so many impressive SaaS companies, informative speakers, exhibitors with free coffee, companies giving away promotional merch. Our team left the SaaStock 19 conference excited about the new tech, products, and software companies showcased at the RDS venue on Tuesday.
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