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VoIP Integrations: NUACOM and Slack

How NUACOM VoIP Phone System Integrates with Slack:

Corporate communications should flow smoothly and NUACOM’s VoIP phone system ensures just that. Other than guaranteed connectivity, our clients are able to enjoy HD voice quality, unlimited concurrent calls, and better call management. Additionally, NUACOM offers integration for your VoIP system with your business apps, such as Slack.

VoIP NUACOM and Slack Integration


Slack is a real-time, cloud-based messaging and notification application that provides instant chat services. It’s more interactive than email when it comes to team collaboration. Slack allows its users to communicate effectively with other team members on dedicated work channels. Members can also share images and files within the channels, thereby making it easy to work on team projects.

NUACOM VoIP Integration with Slack:

Slack’s messaging platform has made it easy for businesses to engage their workforce. However, to make the collaboration even better, members have to manage call data efficiently and that is where NUACOM’s VoIP phone system comes in. NUACOM’s integration with Slack (powered by Zapier) has introduced new actions such as:

  1. Missed Calls notifications.
  2. Send any call event to Channel Message.
  3. Send any call event to Individuals.

Send a call log automatically to a certain channel or team member. Staff can even add some comments on this activity or mention another staff member. For example, if a client called and wanted to speak to a specific team member that was not available at the moment, the unavailable staff member can be notified in Slack to return the client’s call. This is extremely useful for team members who work remotely.

Benefits of the Integration:

  • Team members are now able to quickly pass messages by commenting on call activities.
  • The members get instant notifications and this makes it easier to respond to pending matters.
  • Missed call notifications reach the concerned members immediately, optimizing return, and increase opportunities for sales calls.


Collaborate better with your team members by leveraging the amazing capabilities of the NUACOM-Slack integration. Get in touch over the live chat to receive more information.

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