Transform your recruitment process with our powerful integration with BULLHORN. Learn more

Transform your recruitment process with our powerful integration with BULLHORN. Learn more

Boost Sales: How a Business Phone System Can Help you

To understand how a Business Phone System can benefit your sales department, first, we need to talk about customer engagement, in the sales process. A sales process needs to be perfected so that a company can sell the maximum amount of product or service and/or with the maximum of profit. Those with the best sales process will remain in business because they are competitive. I am not talking about price, quality or credibility, but the fact they can also achieve higher customer engagement and this factor is crucial for conversion. So how to increase customer engagement? The secret is in one word: communication! And it has to be taken seriously through all channels: Email, Adverts, Social Media, Videos, Live Chat and specially phone calls (one of the most important sales conversion tool).

Business Phone System for Sales People:

Tools to Improve your Sales:

There are many tools and strategies that can help a business to improve the performance of their sales agents and reps. CRM software can help them to manage their relationship with the customer. Email campaigns with follow-ups and content nurturing can help to transform prospects into sales-qualified leads and move leads forward on the sales funnel. But the phone call is still the most used and best tool for conversion, for most business dealings. Remember the secret: communication, and a phone call makes it direct, personal and exclusive. But for an effective call performance, you will need a Business Phone System and here comes the success!

Business Phone System and Sales, what a perfect match!

The VoIP Technology is behind most of the advanced business phone system (specially Cloud Phone System) and it provides dozens of features for your business. At NUACOM we have 50+ features, making our system an All-in-One Cloud Phone System for business. Here is our list of TOP 10 features to boost sales:

– For outbound calls:

  • Integration with CRM: this one tool is very helpful in sales, image if you can combine two during your sales tasks. We develop a native CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) with the number #1 CRM in the World, Salesforce, for a better call experience. You can manage calls and contacts together at the same time, on the same interface.
  • Click-to-Call: this feature assists you to call from your desktop a phone number available on your screen with just one click. It saves time and encourages the sales reps to be more proactive.
  • Unlimited Calls (local and international): let your sale team know that you have unlimited calls with your phone system provider. And ask them to take advantage of this to communicate more often with your customers.
  • Custom Call ID: if you do business internationally, you can have different phone numbers in your plan and connect with your customers using a local call ID. This local presence can make a huge difference and can help your customers to decide to take the call, rather than ignore it. Most of them just ignore international calls.
  • Remote Work Mobility: your sales reps can make calls through our phone system in the office with our Cisco Handset or on-the-go with their mobile, through softphones. Your sales rep will have all the phone system features in their pocket, anywhere, anytime.

– For incoming calls:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): have all your incoming calls automatically answered with a greeting message and options for the caller to route the call to the right department.
  • Call Queuing: no more engaged tone! If all your operators are busy, you can place all incoming calls in the queue until one operator becomes available.
  • Find-me Follow-Me: if you need to be in constant contact with your callers, even when you are out of office, you can just set-up a Find-me Follow-me function so all your incoming calls will be redirected to your mobile.
  • Call Groups: You can set up all incoming calls in relation to sales to ring on all your sales reps’ devices. The one that is more proactive and available will pick-up the call first and will be the one to have an opportunity to make the sale (and get his/her commission!).
  • Number-name indicator: this feature assists your sales team to know if it is an existing customer calling so they can just pick-up the call with personalized greeting message.

These are the top 10 features but if you are interested to know about ALL the features that could empower your sales process, get in touch with us. They are many and I could keep writing the whole day here about them.

Apart from the features, there are other aspects of a phone system that can empower your communication, such as HD voice quality, reliable infrastructure, premium support and scalability (pay as you grow, as we call it here in NUACOM).

A proven success story:

There are many companies in Ireland and elsewhere that have used our phone system to increase their sales.  Our partner, Autokey (Dublin) have managed to increase their sales with our Cloud Phone System. Now they are able to make more sales over the phone and reduce drastically the number of missed calls.

Request a Trial:

In the end, we can honestly say that a great quality business phone system can help your sales reps to set up more meetings, generate more sales-qualified leads and close more deals.

If you want to know how our phone system can help your business to boost sales, how about having a FREE trial on our system?

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