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Cloud Phone System: your business needs an Auto Attendant

Every business is looking for new ways to make themselves more competitive. Having a great business phone system with the latest features is one way that you can grow your business. The Auto Attendant or the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) offers you a unique way to manage automatically your calls with your customers. It provides also an efficient way of answer calls with a professional call experience for your clients. This means less work, more time, more satisfied customers, more sales and more profits!

What is an Auto Attendant feature for Phone System?

An auto attendant serves a purpose. It replaces operators for routing calls. This means that without an operator or receptionist, you can efficiently manage all your incoming calls automatically and simultaneously. When a caller makes a call, it is answered automatically and they hear a welcome message. They are then provided with a series of options. The caller selects the option he or she wants on their keypad and they get to talk to the person/department they need.

What does an Auto Attendant do?

The Auto attendant can do everything a live operator can do.

  • This function can transfer a caller to an Extension,
  • The Auto Attendant can also transfer a caller to Voicemail,
  • The Auto Attendant can provide a customer with important information such as on office hours and availability,
  • Then it also offers options such as repeat choices,
  • It offers the customer the ability to select the department they want such as the sales, account or customer support,
  • It can be used to allow the customer to select a language such as English, French or Spanish,
  • It can be used to allow a client to select which office they want to talk to, for example, the Dublin, Cork or Limerick Office,

And, in the end, the result is a great user experience from the very first minute of the call.

How to Use Auto Attendant to Grow Business?

Better Communications: Employing auto attendant means that calls from a potential lead or client will not be missed because lines or an operator are busy are tied up.  The auto attendant avoids this by routing calls to the department they need or lets them leave a voicemail. This eliminates missed calls which can cost your company money.

Better Customer Service: The Auto Attendant provides great customer service. You can set it up to give personalized messages and help callers to connect with the right department. The function can also give them information on your business. You can also save their time and this means happy customers. Happy customers’ means more business.

More efficient: The Auto Attendant service will allow you to manage all your calls from all offices at the same time, with our business phone system. You can have 2 or more Auto Attendant in our system, for different location or purpose. This saves you time, effort and money.  The Auto Attendant will pay for itself and eventually make money for your business!

Can you afford not to have an Auto Attendant? If you want to know more about the remarkable Auto Attendant functionality of our Fully-feature Cloud phone system why not contact us at NUACOM for more details.

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