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How Communication Channels Boost Your Sales Process

Communication Channels

Communication channels support and influence every step of the buyer’s journey. Above all, they provide critical connections between sales reps and potential clients. But what are they Communication channels are different types of media that transfer messages from one person to another. Namely, social media platforms, live chats, emails, and phone systems. With the right integrations, you can boost your sales process exponentially. Here are the 5 main communication channels and how to combine them:

1. Call

Telecommunication channels are essential to connecting with prospects and improving your sales process. Phone calls provide sales reps with something the other communication channels can’t direct contact with instant feedback. With emails, social media, and live chats prospects can easily walk away without giving you a reason or the information you need to overcome their objections. But there’s another problem. How can you encourage your sales reps to connect, manage, and integrate their calls with other business software? Additionally, how does someone in a management position track if they are reaching their KPI’s in terms of calls? Voip System NUACOM Cloud Phone System offers all the benefits and telephony resources to empower your sales team. The system has some great features for sales reps, like calling international clients with an automated caller-ID for better connection ratio. With the Call Recording feature, reps can keep track of everything mentioned during the sales call, without the stress of having to take notes of every important detail.NUACOM conveniently integrates with other communication channels including Intercom, Zendesk and HubSpot. So you can easily connect your phone system to other sales tools and combine all your communication channels. Vastly improve your customer care and sales process today!

2. Email

Email is commonly relied on for a majority of internal and external communications in the workplace. Integrating with a CRM or ticketing system allows businesses to manage their emails efficiently. These systems are vital to tracking interactions with prospects, keeping your communication channels organised, and initiating contact with your lead at the right moment. Here is one top-ranking CRM many software companies have integrated with:

Image result for Hubspot Email built-in

Hubspotranks as one of the best email management and marketing automation tools in the world. In conjunction with Hubspot’s CRM system, HubSpot Sales lets you track how many recipients viewed your email, develop custom email sequences, and rotate leads through automated sales tasks. Some of their primary integrations include Gmail, Intercom, Zendesk, NUACOM and many more.

3. Screen Sharing

Using screen sharing software as a communication channel is a growing trend amongst businesses. It’s a simple way to interact with job seekers, conduct training programs, and contact with potential clients. One of the primary sources companies use for meetings and training services is Google Meet.

The video conferencing app is fully integrated with G Suite. Meaning, you can easily join meetings from a Google Calendar event or Gmail invite, access a complete list of prospects and schedule meetings with them.

4. Live Chat

Live chats are becoming an increasingly popular communication channel to connect sales reps to prospects. Using advanced tracking features, live chat platforms notify agents whenever new visitors are browsing their website. Now, you can efficiently engage prospects with a pop-up chat box and answer all of their questions.

With Intercom you can target your website visitors and convert them into leads with their unique live chat software. Intercom provides web page viewers with a chatbox full of familiar features like GIFs, emojis, and more. The best part about Intercom is that it has integrations with Facebook Messenger, Salesforce, HubSpot, the Emoji Keyboard, and more!

5. Social

Social communication channels have provided professionals with a large variety of prospecting resources. Consequently, many people rely on expensive software programs or analytical research tools to monitor their social media channels. Some of the most useful social media platforms are either free to use or widely overlooked. Here are a few social media gems to boost your sales process:
  • Facebook Messenger is quick, interactive, and convenient for both businesses and users. You can easily target and appeal to prospects by creating ads that start automated conversations in their Messenger.
  • LinkedIn provides a social channel for businesses to communicate with a large pool of prospects, on a professional level. Businesses can quickly filter through user profiles to target potential clients.

Social communication channels are essential for building your list of prospects. They can help increase your discoverability through a large demographic and improve outreach.


Personalised messages require simple, user-friendly communication channels while complex tasks need advanced systems to organise your business activities. It’s critical to find out what’s the channel your prospect feels more comfortable to use, choose the right communication tool and match with other channels when it is needed.
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