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5 Tips to increase productivity with Business Phone System

Business Phone System for Productivity

So what can a Business Phone System do for my business? This is a common question. But I want you to think of your phone in a new way! It can be a tool used not only for making and receiving calls, but beyond that. Business Phone System can be used to help you to provide a better customer service and discover key data on your business and customers. For management, it can be the daily caffeine to boost your team productivity. With your traditional phone, can you check your peak time? Who is your most active operator? Can you even send email marketing to all your callers? I bet not. We are going to change that. But to get to this point, you must take your business telephony to the next level (I will explain that very soon!). Here are 5 tips on how a Business Phone System can help your company to increase productivity.

1- Automate your call flow:

Why having someone in your company to spend part of his/her day just transferring calls if you can use technology to do it? Save energy and time on your team, right now! Our Interactive Voice Response menu has an auto-attendant feature that acts as a virtual receptionist. It can automatically answer all your incoming calls with a greeting message and promptly handle all incoming calls with a professional manner. Plus, it can route calls to the relevant departments. This can streamline your operations, especially, for call management. The ability to automate your call flow allows you to provide a more effective customer service and this means you will be saving time, money and increasing your staff productivity.

2- Call Group:

A Call Group feature allows a business to have their incoming calls redirected to a group of extensions. For example, if an incoming call is related to sales, all the sales agent’s phones will ring. Because all phones will ring in a department, the probability is that it will greatly improve the response time, as all sales agents are now able to pick up every single call query. This is a highly effective way to handle call queries as it drastically reduces the missed calls and increases sales conversion.

3- Call Recording:

Our call recording feature allows you to record both inbound and outbound calls. This can help your business to understand the customer and their orders. It can also help you to monitor the service offered by your staff. This feature is great for identifying the training needs of your company and any weaknesses in your customer service. But the best part is to keep your operators focused on the conversation with your callers, not on taking notes.

4- Opening Hours:

Our cloud phone system can be set to play a customized welcome message with opening hours. This can tell a customer when they can receive support and service or be connected to the sales team. This is a must-use feature during periods like Christmas or bank holiday weekends. The customer will appreciate being informed and may call back in the appropriate time. This feature can also provide the caller with a voicemail option so that one of your staff will call back him/her during business time.

5- Integrate It:

We have brought business phone system to the next level. We unify your business communication and integrate it to many applications, such as:

  • for CRM: you can have the call log and call recordings on your contact page inside your CRM,
  • MailChimp for Email Marketing: show your customers you care about them, not only over the phone,
  • ZenDesk for Customer Services and Support: optimize the process and handle all request professionally,
  • Google Contact for Client databases: build, syncronize, export and import your client database from and to your Business Phone System.

Extra options can be added to these apps to allow you to automate process beyond your business telephony and save time (and money!).

If you want to get more insights on how to use your business phone system to increase productivity, please contact us. We are going to be happy to help you boost your business!

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