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Fanvil X3U VoIP Phone

The colour screen, HD Quality and Powerful Speaker makes the Fanvil X3U the #1 Business Essential VoIP Phone. 

Fanvil X3U

Colour Screen and Friendly User Interface

The Fanvil X3U comes with a 2.8” LCD Colour Screen, enterprise-level UI, combined with the 3 line keys with LED.


Fanvil X3U gif
Fanvil X3U Front

Enhanced audio for better conversations

VoIP system United States

HD Voice Microphone/Speaker (0~7KHz Frequency Response).

VoIP system United States

Voice Activity Detection, Comfort Noise Generation, Noise Reduction.

VoIP system United States

Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller, 96ms tail-length.

Special Offer

Free VoIP Phone

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Fanvil X3U