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What is a Cloud Phone System?

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what is cloud phone system

Cloud Phone Systems: what is it?

What is a Cloud Phone System? A cloud phone system is a Voice over Internet Protocol based business telephone platform that is hosted and managed by a Telecom provider such as NUACOM. A Cloud Phone System (also called Cloud VoIP system, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP system and Hosted Phone System)) typically offers advanced features and scalability that an on-premise phone system does not, such as integration with business and also provide you with multi-location access, remote worker mobility, click-to-call and many other functionalities.

Thanks to cloud technology you can now manage all your business communications in a new way. Data is stored on a computer and it can be accessed over the internet, on mobile and desktop. This means that there are no landlines limitations anymore and your business can expand at any time, to anywhere, with the same system taking care of your business telephony.

Cloud Phone Systems: what does it do?

The phone system for business in a cloud can perform the same functionalities that a traditional phone system does. It can manage all your calls, have them all recorded, provide your callers with IVR Menu (“Please press 1 for sales, 2 for support…”), call groups, extension dialing, auto attendant, conference bridges and many other Phone System Features. But it does all of this with better quality and limitless integration and scalability. It can be integrated with business applications such as:

  • Google Contacts,
  • ZenDesk,
  • MailChimp
  • and others.

It also manages the data behind your business telephony for reports and analytics, for example:

  • Peak time,
  • Extension usage,
  • Customer database,
  • Call charges per user,
  • Inbound VS outbound,
  • and more.

The fact that it works through the cloud means that your business can access many new features and manage data that are not available with an old-style phone system.

Cloud Phone System: Why you should switch!

Economy: A cloud phone system is so much cheaper that the old phone system. There are no rental line fees and this can save you a small fortune with you just realized how much your business has paid for this fee for all your landline numbers, during all years of operations.

So easy to set up: with a cloud-based phone system you do not need expensive equipment. All you need is an internet connection and an IP Phone or softphones. You can get pre-configured IP phones from great brands such as Cisco (we provide you with many options of Cisco IP Phones) and once they have been installed you are on your way! Then, all you need is an account with us.

Flexible: with this phone system for business you have great flexibility. With the cloud-based method of connectivity, you can use your PC or mobile apps to make calls from anywhere, at any time.

Better customer service: the cloud-based phone system offers your customer a great caller experience. Because it is so flexible, it reduces drastically the number of missed calls from potential customers and this means that you do not miss out on sales.

Phone Numbers: You can keep your existing number(s). In addition, you can also get new numbers. It is also possible to obtain international numbers so you can easily develop your business abroad.

Don’t be stuck in the past:

Cloud phone systems are suitable for all business in whatever sector. They can help a small business to operate in a manner like their larger competitors.  Or if you are an enterprise organization, you can unify all your communication platform and manage your business telephony with a fully-featured system.

A cloud phone system is a great fit for start-ups as well as we have a pricing strategy called: pay as you grow, depending on the number of users. And it will help your new business to look like an Enterprise.

If you would like to know more about what our cloud phone systems can do for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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