Transform your recruitment process with our powerful integration with BULLHORN. Learn more

Transform your recruitment process with our powerful integration with BULLHORN. Learn more

VoIP Features That Enhance Your Inbound & Outbound Sales


Think of your phone in a new way! It can be a tool that can help you to get more sales leads and grow your business. But to get to this point, you must take your business telephony to the next level. Business Phone Systems can be used to help you to provide better customer service and discover key data for your business and customers. It can help you to get new customers and keep old ones. See why the NUACOM System is the right choice for your business.

Automate your Call Flow

Our Interactive Voice Response(IVR) menu has an auto-attendant feature that acts as a virtual receptionist. It can automatically answer all your incoming calls with a greeting message and promptly handle all incoming calls with a professional manner. It can then route calls to the relevant department whether it be sales, support or accounts. The ability to automate your call system eliminates the need for a human answer and the time taken to manually forward the call to the relevant department. This means you will be saving time, money and increasing your staff productivity.

Automatic CRM Data Entry

With the NUACOM phone system, all of your calls will be automatically logged into a CRM of your choice. Don’t use a CRM? We have you covered. With Zapier we can send your call data to an array of places include Excel spreadsheets or Cloud storage for call recordings. We can truly tailor our phone system to your company. Call logs and call recordings have been a favourite among our clients enabling the option to look back over time and see how calls move towards sales, all of which is automatically saved.

Call Recording

Our GDPR compliant call recording feature allows you to record both inbound and outbound calls. This can help your business to understand the flow of customers who have bought from your business, but also the ones who haven’t. Use the call recordings in future training and understand the trends that have people coming back to your business so you can put effective marketing in place to capture your ideal customer.

Opening Hours

Our cloud phone system can be set to play a customised message within opening hours and another during closed hours. This can make the customer aware of when is the best time to call for the relevant department they are after. This is a must-use feature during periods like Christmas or bank holiday weekends. Customers who hear an engaged tone are likely to call more times that day, however, constant results of this tone can put customers off and lead them elsewhere. Customers appreciate being informed of when is the appropriate time to call. This feature can also provide the caller with a voicemail option so that one of your staff will call him/her back during business time.

On-screen pop-up

Another feature that is small but mighty is our pop-up call feature. This is a simple feature that will show a pop-up on your computer screen when you have an incoming call. You can answer the call either through your computer or via one of our VoIP handsets. Not only can you answer it but if the customer is already in your CRM you can go directly to their data with no need to put them on hold while you find their data manually.


Our click-to-Call feature was created to speed up the process and time it takes to call out from your business. with the NUACOM system, you can simply click a number on your computer screen to automatically start calling. If you would like to find out more about NUACOM features and VoIP services. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.
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