Boost Your Drip Campaigns with Call Events

Take your Drip campaigns to the next level by leveraging call events to dynamically edit your audience.

Drip + Nuacom: Elevate Your Marketing Game

Drip a powerful marketing automation platform designed to help you create personalized, data-driven customer experiences. With the Nuacom phone system integration via Zapier, you can dynamically add or remove contacts that are interacting with your team over the phone from/to your campaigns, streamlining your marketing processes and keeping your contact lists updated.

Experience the benefits of enhanced engagement and improved metrics such as open rate and click-through rate, all while automating new campaigns, saving your team time and effort. Use any buyer signal – from website visits and live chats to phone calls – within the marketing automation process to create a comprehensive 360-degree view of your customers and generate revenue.

Get started with the Nuacom and Drip integration today and watch your marketing campaigns flourish in just a few minutes!