Improve Kayako Customer Service Experience, with Nuacom Calling Solution

Maximize your customer service over the phone by integrating Nuacom call events into Kayako, creating a connected and seamless support system.
Kayako is a powerful customer service platform that helps businesses manage customer inquiries in one place. By integrating Nuacom phone system with Kayako via Zapier, you can log inbound and outbound calls as events under the contact details. This ensures centralized communications and easy access to all conversation details with call recording and note-taking options. Plus, the click-to-call function available directly from the Kayako interface saves your agents’ time and eliminates misdialing.
The integration takes only a few minutes to set up, and the benefits are clear: centralized communications, streamlined customer support, and a more efficient communication process. Ready to optimize the way your team handles customer enquiries?