Power Up Your Zoho Desk Support with Nuacom Phone System

Enhance the quality of your phone customer service by integrating Nuacom call events into Zoho Desk, enabling your team to provide more personalized support.

Nuacom + Zoho Desk: Elevate Your Support Level

Zoho Desk is a customer support platform that helps businesses manage their customer inquiries in one place. By integrating Nuacom phone system with Zoho Desk using Zapier, you can log inbound and outbound calls as events under the contact details. This ensures centralized communications and easy access to all conversation details with call recording and note-taking options. Plus, you can click-to-call directly from the Zoho Desk interface, saving your team time and eliminating the headache of misdialing.
With the setup taking less than 5 minutes, say goodbye to the hassle of scattered communications and hello to streamlined customer support. Say goodbye to scattered conversations and hello to streamlined customer support!