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Prepared for the BT PSTN Switch Off

Prepared for the PSTN Switch Off?

Are you ready for the UK and Ireland PSTN Switch Off coming in 2025? Get a head start and futureproof your business today.

the UK and Ireland is set to switch off PSTN and ISDN networks by 2025, meaning that any business phone or service reliant on the old analogue network will be discontinued. This transition will impact numerous businesses, particularly those unaware of plans to phase out this outdated technology.

Traditional PSTN phone lines come with high maintenance costs and various limitations. In essence, due to the impending  PSTN Switch Off, starting from September 5, 2023, the option to order new traditional PSTN services will cease, and by 2025, a complete migration to IP telephony will be imperative to maintain uninterrupted telephone services.

Why Choose NUACOM for the PSTN Switch Off?

Embrace the digital era effortlessly. Simplify the transition process by relying on us. We’ll handle every aspect, ensuring a seamless shift that minimises disruptions to your daily business activities.

Partner with PSTN switch-off specialists. Leverage the expertise of our team, who offer comprehensive technical support to all our clients. By collaborating with NUACOM, you can stay ahead of the PSTN Switch Off and remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving communications landscape.

The VoIP Phone System trusted by 15,000+ customers worldwide:

Which Services Are Affected by the PSTN Switch Off?

The upcoming UK and ROI Switch Off will impact businesses using either ISDN or PSTN technology. Typically, the following services rely on analogue or ISDN phone lines and necessitate upgrades:

Analog telephone lines and voice calls conducted through PSTN or ISDN.

Fax machines dependent on PSTN or ISDN connections for sending and receiving fax messages.

Alarm systems, including burglar and fire alarms, utilising PSTN or ISDN for monitoring and communication.

Payment card machines, like point-of-sale (POS) terminals, relying on PSTN or ISDN lines for transaction processing.

Emergency services such as medical alert systems or emergency call points.

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems for real-time transactions and reporting.

Lift emergency phones.

Telecare services for remote monitoring and support of elderly or vulnerable individuals.

Conference calling systems employing PSTN or ISDN lines for audio conferencing.

Certain broadcast services like radio station phone-ins or call-in shows reliant on PSTN or ISDN lines for live interactions with listeners.

To ensure continuity, businesses and individuals must explore alternative communication methods like Voice over IP (VoIP), digital telephony, cellular or internet-based monitoring, IP-based payment solutions, wireless EPOS systems, and more. Contact NUACOM to initiate a smooth transition.

Switch TODAY and enjoy the benefits of NUACOM VoIP and let our cloud telephony transform your business.

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