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Top 7 Phone System Features for Sales Teams

Sales teams can encounter many challenges throughout the workday. Reps will not pursue an indecisive lead or prospect if they lack the right system features. As a result, managers need to provide their reps with the top phone system features for sales teams.

How to Prepare Sales Teams in 2020:

There are three primary areas for sales managers to focus on as sales teams prepare for the upcoming year:

1. Productivity: Teams need reliable system features to keep track of important details. Meaning, the ability to save notes to a contact’s activity page and classify calls with tags. Call recordings are also a great way to playback key conversation details.

2. Automating Tasks: Integrated systems allow sales teams to automate tedious tasks. It relieves them from logging each activity into multiple systems. 

3. Management: With our modern Call Reports & Analytics feature, managers can make calculated decisions and gain important insights on their sales team’s performance, i.e., access to each rep’s activities, KPI and conduct. 

In the next 4 minutes, you will learn the Top 7 Phone System Features to support your sales teams in 2020. Discover how to get your sales team performing, preserve key details, and improve their call handling.

1. Call Recording

Call Recording Phone System Feature VoIP Call Recording is a critical phone system feature for pre-sales or after-sales. Without the ability to record incoming and outgoing calls, numerous issues can arise. What happens when a rep forgets to report the result of their sales call? How are disputes resolved if your team doesn’t have the tools to replay the recorded conversation? With our Call Recording feature, every call is recorded and securely stored in your User Portal. So you can play back your conversations with callers at any time and never lose important negotiation details. Call Recording has a variety of benefits, such as: 1. Letting your team focus on the caller rather than being distracted by manually entering every call detail into the system.  2. Secured recordings of each caller’s request and deal requirements so disputes can easily be resolved by reviewing your recorded calls. 3. Special privileges for managers like key insights into each rep’s quality of service and live-call monitoring to determine if they are following protocol or not.

2. Click-to-Call

Our Click-to-Call feature helps sales teams increase their call ratio with less effort and greatly reduces misdialing. Valuable time is wasted when teams have to manually enter each contact’s phone number. According to The Sales Engagement Guide, “when a prospect is identified, make your sales call within the first minute…As the contact attempts grow, the likelihood of converting a lead decreases.”  At NUACOM, we use the Click-to-Call feature to automatically call our clients. By simply clicking on their phone numbers, our calls are instantly connected. This boosts our conversion ratio due to our sales team being able to follow up with every lead in a matter of seconds. Your sales team can connect with more leads, in less time, using our Click-to-Call feature.

3. Automated Caller ID

Automated International Caller ID

Our Automated Caller ID feature is the perfect solution for increasing your connection ratio with international clients and engagement on a global scale. But how exactly does it work? In the User Portal, our system selects the corresponding geographic phone number from your preselect list and automatically matches it with the country you are calling. You can easily add international numbers to your NUACOM account and populate your preselect list. This increases your choices for the numbers you would like to appear as your caller ID when ringing different countries.

4. Call Notes & Tags

Call Notes and Tags

As your call log quickly fills with dates, phone numbers, recorded calls, and more, it becomes overwhelming when trying to analyze the data stored in your log. How many calls were received in response to your latest offer? And how many were from existing customers or first-time callers? To simplify this process, we’ve added a Call Tags feature so sales teams can use colorful tags to classify the type of sales call. Similarly, you can help your sales team preserve the outcome of their conversations with Call Notes. During a sales call, your team can add notes to the caller’s activity and save critical details about the conversation. This also allows technical support and customer service departments to stay informed about updated caller information.

5. CRM Integration

Zoho CRM Phone Bridge Integration NUACOM CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems enable sales teams to track every interaction with current and potential customers. CRMs consolidate your calls, emails and any other communication channels in a single interface. Every business should integrate with a combination of different channels (live chat, social media, etc) but the most important is phone calls.  Integrated phone and CRM systems help sales teams manage every channel of communication while streamlining engagement with leads and customers. Additional benefits of a CRM integration includes:
  • Keeping track of every interaction with leads and prospects in your CRM.
  • Calling prospects directly from your CRM while viewing their entire contact activity.
  • Sync your call details, track call events automatically, and more.

6. Live Calls Wallboard

NUACOM VoIP Phone System - User Portal - Wallboard

A Live Calls Wallboard enables you to access all of your live calls, view each rep’s status, discover the performance of your team and much more. Our system lets you customize your preferences and choose which departments you would like to appear on your wallboard.   This is a great feature for monitoring the sales team’s performance with real-time stats displayed on the Live Calls Wallboard. You can also use the wallboard to monitor live calls, review reports on each extension status, and make informed decisions for your business based on key analytics and data.

7. Call Reports & Analytics

OurReports_01_new Beyond call handling, our system goes a bit further. In your User Portal, you can access Call Reports and Analytics for every member of your team, including: 
  • Amount of time spent on each call
  • The number of inbound, outbound, and missed calls
  • Which sales reps are speaking with which customs
  • Detailed reports on your sales team, either as a group or individually
Call Reports and Analytics allows you to discover your peak time, most productive reps and how your team is performing over the phone. In your User Portal, you can export and run your reports, per week, quarter or month.

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