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Transform your recruitment process with our powerful integration with BULLHORN. Learn more

7 Must-Have Salesforce Integrations to Optimize Your CRM

Salesforce is considered the global leader in CRM software. In fact, a white paper published by the International Data Corporation (IDC) estimated that between 2016 and 2022, “the Salesforce economy’s largest impacts on industries will be in finance, with the forecast creation of $164 billion in new business revenue and 585,000 new jobs.” Picture above depicts the many Salesforce integrations supported by NUACOM Cloud Phone System.

Salesforce CRM

By integrating the Salesforce CRM with different business apps, you can access useful tools to manage your communication channels and track customer engagement. Keep in mind, the Salesforce AppExchage hosts more than 3,400 apps! So, we narrowed down the best options and discovered the 7 must-have Salesforce integrations for better communication:

1. Lead Scoring & Website Tracking: Saleswings

Saleswings allows you to track every lead’s digital interaction with your business, giving you a 360° view to fully understand their needs and timing. SalesWings provides tracking and lead scoring for Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and other tools such as Mailchimp. Thanks to SalesWings, marketing can communicate based on the lead’s behavior, and hand over the best leads to sales. The sales team on their side, gets best-in-class lead prioritization and sales insights right inside Salesforce.

2. Phone Systems: NUACOM

Cloud Phone Systems enable you to make and receive calls through your Internet connection. By integrating NUACOM Cloud Phone System with your Salesforce CRM, you can improve your sales team performance. Worried about losing important information during a sales call? With the NUACOM Salesforce integration, all your call recordings are automatically saved. You can even add a Call Note to the contact’s activity while you’re still connected to the call! Take advantage of NUACOM’s click-to-call feature to eliminate misdialing, simplify the engagement process and boost your sales team’s productivity. Connecting with leads is essential for higher conversion rates, making this a must-have integration for any business.

3. Live Chat: Intercom

Live chat software enables you to communicate with prospects through a messaging platform while they’re exploring your website. With the Intercom integration, you can identify leads with a chatbot then sync the conversation in your Salesforce CRM. As a result, your sales team will have a complete context of who they’re interacting with. View information on leads and customers collected in Salesforce directly in Intercom.

4. Ticketing System: Zendesk Support

Ticketing systems allow businesses to quickly resolve incoming support requests by streamlining the resolution process in the form of ‘tickets’. By integrating Zendesk Support with Salesforce, you can combine your customer and ticket data. This gives you a complete view of each customer’s profile. You can also access reports in Salesforce that evaluate your ticket data and track trends based upon your customer interactions. Create, streamline, and resolve all your Zendesk Support tickets within your CRM.

5. Proposals: Pandadoc

PandaDoc provides you with proposals, eSignatures, and a platform to share online documents. Create and send custom sales proposals, quotes, and contracts directly in your Salesforce CRM. This two-way integration lets you launch PandaDoc from any Salesforce object and include key customer and prospect details in your documents. As an added bonus, each subscription includes unlimited legally-binding eSignatures! This simplifies and enhances your workflow process.

6. Screen Sharing: Zoom

Screen sharing software is a great tool to close deals efficiently with face-to-face video meetings. Interact with new prospects and maintain good rapport with returning customers through Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone which are accessible in your Salesforce CRM. In mere seconds, you can start a Zoom Meeting with one of your contacts, record conversations, and track interactions in your Salesforce CRM activity history.

7. Accounting: QuickBooks Online

This two-way integration allows businesses to streamline their workflow processes, enhance efficiency, and automatically sync Salesforce CRM with Quickbooks Online data. Add new Salesforce accounts to QuickBooks Online as customers and provide your team with insights on a customer’s financial health, which automatically updates in real-time! With QuickBooks Online, your sales team can create invoices in Salesforce and track their status, including ones that are due, overdue, or paid.
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