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7 Must-Have Zendesk Support Integrations for Customer Management

Zendesk Support converts incoming support requests from multiple communication channels into ‘tickets’. This provides a single contact point between team members, new leads and existing customers.

What is Zendesk Support?

Zendesk Support is a top-rated ticketing system for tracking, organising, and resolving customer support issues. It allows agents to resolve inquiries, provide quick solutions and personalised support. Although Zendesk Support is a great system to resolve support requests, your team will need additional business apps to manage customer interactions. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort to find the right integrations for your business, so we did the research for you! Here are the 7 must-have Zendesk Support integrations to manage your customer interactions:

1. Nuacom

By integrating NUACOM Cloud Phone System with Zendesk Support, you can seamlessly convert your customer support and sales calls into new or existing tickets. From the NUACOM dashboard, you can view open Support tickets, assign a live call to them, and add internal notes during your conversation. All your call logs are automatically saved on the contact page in Zendesk. This allows you to organise your call recordings and details per ticket, making it easier for support agents to manage inquiries. Quickly resolving tickets and connecting with leads is essential for higher conversion rates

2. ActiveCampaign

This integration lets you sync your Zendesk Support tickets with contact information registered in ActiveCampaign. Within your Zendesk dashboard, you can sync ticket data to ActiveCampaign, view open tickets, and reply to customers. Resolve support tickets with a public response, and internal note, or with a call! In the ActiveCampaign contact’s page, you can view the status of all your Zendesk Support tickets. This two-way integration is a great way to stay informed on every customer interaction and quickly respond to inquiries.

3. Zapier

Zapier’s Zendesk integration allows you to manage your customer interactions through Zaps. These Zaps create automated connections between your integrated business app. But how does it work? Simply choose Zendesk Support as the ‘trigger’ for the Zap and automatically export tickets to another business application. If you choose Zendesk as the ‘action’, Zapier updates your tickets, create templates, and sync your data from other sources. This saves critical time, letting you focus on closing deals!  

4. Google Hangouts

By integrating Zendesk Support with Google Hangouts, you can work with other agents to solve open tickets faster, start a hangout directly from Zendesk Support, and easily link a ticket to your live Google Hangouts conversation. This is a great integration for connecting team members working in different locations. In just one click, you can initiate a live conversation, select an agent, and resolve an open ticket or issue as a team.

5. TeamViewer

With over 1.5 billion installations worldwide, TeamViewer is the top solution for desktop sharing and remote support. The TeamViewer integration lets you access key features directly from your Zendesk dashboard. You can view an open ticket and insert a link to request a remote session with your customer. Once the customer accesses the Internet, you will receive a notification in your TeamViewer service queue. Then, you can connect to their device and begin a remote support session. Once you integrate with TeamViewer, you get 24/7 access to a range of features like file transfer, chat, customer management, VoIP, whiteboard, session recording, and more!

6. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a sales force automation (SFA) tool designed to increase productivity, engagement, and pipeline visibility for your sales team. This integration adds a “Notify sales” button within your Zendesk Support. This allows support agents to send lead opportunities directly to the sales team. Within the Sell dashboard, sales reps receive a notification with the support agent’s notes. Agents can also view all Support tickets connected to related contacts, deals, and customer accounts. Zendesk Sell highlights and consolidates open tickets so your team can fully understand a customer’s current position.

7. Intercom

Integrating Intercom with Zendesk Support allows you to access more information about your website visitors, so you can provide them with personalised customer support. Get the context you need to solve support tickets with live customer data from Intercom. You can even change your settings to customise exactly what you want to display, like account and usage data. By integrating Zendesk Support with Intercom, you can create and monitor your tickets in your Intercom Inbox and quickly resolve customer inquiries. Want to centralise all your communication channels with NUACOM? Chat with one of our Agents and see how NUACOM can work for you! 
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