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Virtual Call Queue

Handle all your inbound calls, with no engaged tone, with our virtual call queue.

Call Queues

Create virtual call queues, group agents and connect all your customers to agents, with no limitation of phone lines. Less missed calls, more conversations and better customer service.

Call Queues

No Line Limitations, No Engaged Tones, More Conversations!

Call Queues - Multiple Call Queues

Multiple Call Queues

Build call flows, add and remove users, set your working hours and run reports from NUACOM User Portal.

Call Queues - Music on Hold

Music or Announcement On Hold

No more limitation on the number of lines. All your extensions can make and receive calls simultaneously.

Call Queues - Strategies

Multiple Ring Strategies

Business-class suite of features for better call handing, automation, sales and customer service.

Call Queue FAQ

Yes! As this feature is vital for achieving better customer service, we have added it to all our plans.

Call queues can be customized on NUACOM User Portal, under settings. You can customize them with the agents and actions you wish to perform on each queue. This includes music-on-hold, priorities, hunting order, ring strategies, timeout actions, backup number and more.

Yes! You can choose which user has access to the Call Queue section and be able to change configurations.

Yes! This is part of the hunting order and priorities. You can choose to ring front-line agents first and if they are all unavailable to take the call, to ring your supervisors, managers, or simply yourself.

Yes, you can! Some clients set it up to ring another queue, with more agents, either in the same location or in a different office.

Yes! This is one of the features in our Call Center Plan, which gives more flexibility to agents and managers to dial a code and log out from queues when they aren’t available to take a particular type of call, but yet online to handle calls with other types of inquiries. Once they are free again, they can dial another code and log back into the queue.

Yes! We offer this feature in our Call Center plan, called Wrap-up time, which you can set per call queue.

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