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Importance of an Opening Hours Feature

OpeningHours-1   The evolution of technologically advanced Business Phone Systems has played a very crucial role for companies and organisations in order to improve their relationship with their customers. A good business phone system with some advanced features can ensure better customer retention and provide scalability towards increasing the customer base. This ultimately results in more sales conversions. One such feature, known as Opening Hours plays a crucial role in dealing with customers, especially in a service-oriented business market.  

What is an Opening Hours feature?

  The Opening Hours feature in a modern VoIP phone system is a professional way to inform the customers regarding the time-period of the day during which your business is operational or functional. In the case when your customers call you out of business hours, the Opening Hours feature will greet them with a cordial message and inform them about working hours. The cloud-based business phone system provided by NUACOM also has some additional features like allowing customers to leave a voice message or route their calls to any emergency contact when required. NUACOM’s business phone system allows businesses to easily set the Opening Hours through a dedicated application or by logging into their web portal. These opening hour changes can be made in real-time so you can change them if a change needs to be made immediately.  

Importance of Opening Hours In Boosting Revenue

  In this competitive business environment, personalised customer attention and services have turned out to be deciding factor that can give your business the upper edge. Customer services today are directly related to the sales conversions, so the better the services, the higher the conversions. Here is how Opening Hours can improve your revenue over a period of time:
  • Opening Hours feature helps to deliver a personalised customer experience without wasting their time or keeping them waiting with no proper communication. The customer is well informed about when exactly he/she can receive your business services. This instils a sense of confidence and assurance towards your business services and it is more likely that your customers will visit you again in future.
  • This feature can also help to improve and boost sales. If a customer call comes outside of business hours, you can notify them when to call back or even ask them to leave a voice message with their requirements. This way you can make sure you don’t lose your customers and call them back again during the Opening Hours.
  • You can inform your customers regarding any change in the Opening Hours of your business, especially during the festive times. This helps your customers remain well-informed regarding the working hours of your business so that they don’t miss on receiving any important services they need.
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