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How VoIP Phone System Can Improve Customer Service

Have you ever thought how you can improve your customer service level? I’ll give you one tip: do it per channel! There are many important communication channels, such as email, social media, live chat and phone queries. But among all of them, the phone is still critical in the provision of customer service for most businesses.

There are now many exciting tools that can raise your customer service level. These include CRM integration, automated live chat, ticket support, client’s portal and your phone. And if you could improve these tools with a better technology, then you will be able to achieve your goal. In this article, we are going to focus on VoIP Phone System and how it can help your business to provide the best customer service possible.

VoIP Phone System and great customer service, a perfect match!

Your business telephony is an important part of your customer service and having the ultimate technology behind it will just make it more efficient. A Cloud Phone System uses VoIP Technology to help business to provide a superior customer experience over the phone, either for inbound or outbound calls. Here is our list of best VoIP Phone System features to improve customer service level:

– For outbound calls:

  • Integration with Zendesk: image if you can combine two tools for your attendant to better service your customer needs. You can manage all your inquiries on Zendesk and sync them with your contact list in NUACOM Client portal.
  • Unlimited Calls (local and international): let your customer service operators know that you have unlimited calls with your phone system provider. And ask them to take advantage of this to communicate more often with your customers that most need.
  • Custom Call ID: if you do business internationally, you can have different phone numbers in your plan and connect with your customers using a local call ID. This local presence can make a huge difference and can help your customers to decide to take the call, rather than ignore it. Most of them just ignore international calls. So keep it in mind.
  • Call Conference: if your customer service operator cannot assist your customer in relation to technical issues and need to add an IT expert on a call for a better problem solution designing, call conference can make the difference.

– For incoming calls:

  • IVR: have all your incoming calls automatically answered with a greeting message and options for the caller to route the call to the right department.
  • Call Queuing: no more engaged tone! If all your operators are busy, you can place all incoming calls on the queue until one operator becomes available.
  • Call Groups: You can set up all incoming calls in relation to customer service to ring on all your sales reps’ devices.
  • Number-name indicator: this feature assists your operators to know if it is an existing customer calling so they can just pick up the call with a personalized greeting message.
  • Automated call rating: this will allow your customer to rate the service over the phone for training and evaluation.
  • Call recording: record all your business calls, again for training and evaluation.

Real case – Phone System and customer service:

Our partners House of Finance (Dublin) have a proven record of success when it comes to customer service.

Check out our video below:

Request a Trail:

We can honestly state that an advanced phone system can help you and your business to provide a better customer service. This also means more sales and more business.

If you want to know how our phone system can help your business to provide better customer service, how about a FREE trial on our system?

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