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Drive performance & analytics with our new AI-powered Integration with GONG. Learn more

Solution For Call Center

Call Center Software for Modern Businesses

A call center solution focused on user experience, analytics and automation, so you can focus on what matters: performance!

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Call Center Performance

Inbound & Outbound Call Center

Call Center Performance
Agent’s Performance
Build a successful team based on performance and quality of service.
Integrated System
Connect your call center with your CRM, Helpdesk, Livechat and more.
Powerful for Sales Teams
Encouraging sales teams to make more calls and achieve their quota.
Essential for Support Teams
Give your customer service team the tools to resolve issues faster.
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NUACOM phone system allows us to listen back to the phone calls, which is great for management and quality control.

Stephen Walker
Managing Director, Autokey Automotive

Monitor Everything In Your Call Center

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Supervise and Coach
Monitor your team closely with on-call supervision and call recording.
Peak Time
View your peak time and manage your staff hours, accordingly.
Group Agents
Build teams, call flows, ring strategy and ensure every call is resolved.
Call Resolution
Use Call Tags & Note to classify and add valuable comment to your calls.
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Vital Metrics & Functionalities
that a Successful Call Center Needs

VoIP Phone System Dashboard
Live Call Wallboard
See abandoned vs. completed calls, waiting list, agent’s status and performance, and more.
Live Call Monitoring
Join and listen to any live call to better provide quality support for your agents!
 Automated Call Distribution
Use our Time-based call routing, IVR and Ring Strategy to never miss a call again.
Integrations and API
Combine your calls and business applications using our native integration or open API.
Agent Performance
Keep track of each agent’s performance anytime.
Call Recording
Use Call Recording for training and quality of service.
Call Details
Keep track of every detail with our Call Notes, Tags and Logs.
All Telephony Features
Call Transfer, Conference, Hold/Resume, and more.

A smart experience for your customers and for your business

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From 49 .98
  • Free Modern IP Deskphone
  • Free Softphone & Mobile App
  • Free Mobile & Landline Calls
  • Free International Calls
  • All Features, exc. Call Center tools
  • From 2 users

For Enterprise

  • Everything in the SMB solution
  • All Integrations
  • All Call Center Tools
  • Multi-branches solution
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Customers satisfaction is also our priority

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